Product Launch

Product Launch – Bring your product to market

A product launch signifies the point at which consumers first have access to a particular new product.  As a company, it is crucial that you get your product launch right as this could make or break that brand new product for the market.  When creating your product launch, be sure to get a company such as Accelerate on board who can organise, coordinate and produce the right concept for your particular product.

Identify your target market

When launching a new product, you have to think about the market you wish to target.  You may wish to stick to the UK but many companies feel it beneficial to take their product launch around the world and target a larger market.  Accelerate has experience in taking product launches around the world.  Launching a new product attracts customers as well as corporate buyers, and informs the public about your product and business.  A product launch needs to be exciting and informative and thus engages the consumer.

There are many ways to undertake a product launch; it maybe at an exhibition, in a shopping centre or maybe via a viral advertisement.  You need to get your product noticed above the competition that is already out on the market.  When thinking about your product launch, you need to decide which market you are aiming at, ie who will benefit the most from your product.  Who will be your target audience?  The age, gender and economic background of the consumer all have to be considered when launching your product.  Accelerate can assist with all of this to ensure that your product launch will reach out in the right way to the right consumer.

Accelerate your Product Launch with Accelerate Productions

Product LaunchAccelerate has great experience of organising product launches.  A product launch can be for something such as a make up product or maybe for a new food or drink; it can also be for a new fashion item.  A product launch can be exhibited as a fashion show.  Such an example is when Accelerate’s creative director Kwame Knight was commissioned to choreograph and direct a high profile fashion show to showcase the new Easy Tone & Zigtech products being launched by Reebok. The audience was the world’s press and VIP delegates. The show was to be performed only once, so the pressure was on to get it right first time round. This particular show featured Reebok brand ambassadors Kelly Brook & Amir Khan.

Product LaunchThe product launch entailed a fashion couture catwalk meets sports dance fashion show, incorporating a street dance element to give the show a high energy visual. There was a mix of straight catwalk, highly stylized sequences and dance choreography. Creating such a show completely engaged the audience of consumers and buyers alike with a hugely entertaining performance.  Accelerate produced the whole launch including all the lighting design so that the desired visual was obtained.

This is just one example of how Accelerate could assist in getting your product launch absolutely spot on.  Accelerate has experience of creating commercials, fashion shows, live brand activation all of which can help bring your product to the very top of the consumer market.

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