Last Minute Bookings

Last Minute Bookings? No Problem!

Last Minute BookingsSometimes we get so carried out with everyday life that time just passes us by.  Then someone asks if you have organised the Birthday party you had promised, or the Christmas party, or any other kind of celebration. Please don’t worry; you are definitely not the only one that this has happened to!  Accelerate can take care of last minute bookings with ease.

It’s easy to lose track of time and you may think that if only have a week or two before the event should be happening, there is no way that entertainment agencies will take last minute bookings.  Well you would be wrong to think this as Accelerate have a lot of experience in dealing with last minute bookings.  Accelerate has a vast database of all sorts of entertainment that would suit your requirements.

With Christmas fast approaching, there are many people out there that will be thinking that there’s only 4 weeks left until the festive season and they haven’t organised their office party or family party. If you give Accelerate a call and give them a brief on what you require and the type of event you would like, then let them take care of the rest.  You can relax and seem completely in control of the situation knowing that Accelerate are handling your last minute bookings and planning the perfect party for you.  Your guests will think that you have been organised for months!

There are all kinds of entertainment out there and Accelerate has access to it all. Even though this may be a last minute booking, Accelerate can provide dancers, musicians, DJs, as well as other types of performers such as magicians, circus acts, football freestylers, etc.  If your last minute booking is for a children’s party, you can be confident that Accelerate can provide the right entertainment for you.

Last Minute BookingsSome agencies will say that last minute bookings are just not possible – well Accelerate would be able to accommodate your last minute booking with no problem.  Together, we could arrange and plan the party you envisage.  Accelerate pride themselves in providing a fantastic, professional service, whether this was a booking taken two years in advance in order to make the necessary arrangements or if it is last minute bookings with only a week to spare!  You can be rest assured that you will receive the same professional and personal service.  We will meet with you, discuss your requirements and draw up our proposal to you immediately to keep this last minute booking as stress free for you as possible.  Once your happy with our proposal, sit back and enjoy the event.

In summary, Accelerate are more than happy to take on any last minute bookings.  They can provide all aspects of the party planning that you require.  So don’t stress, relax and give Accelerate a call.  Give them the date of your event, a brief of what you have in mind and let Accelerate do the rest!

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