Accelerate adds Va Va Voom

Va Va Voom with Kwame Knight

International Creative Director Kwame Knight adds extra Va Va Voom to the new Renualt Clio viral commercial.

With over 2.5 million hits on YouTube and growing, this is the latest commercial choreographed by Kwame.

Shot in London, the commercial had unsuspecting members of the public take the New Clio out for a test drive.

On stopping at a junction, the sales assistant encourages the driver to press the Va Va Voom button which starts a chain reaction of events which unfolds before their very eyes.

The climax results in a number of stunning female dancer/models performing a seductive routine choreographed by Kwame Knight, which…. shall we say…. leaves the driver rather happy.

Kwame also choreographed the version for the Va Va Voom female test drivers, which featured hunky male dancer/models.

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