Halloween entertainment

Halloween Entertainment Ideas

Here at Accelerate, we want you to have an incredible Halloween party, dazzling your guests with a spooky night of dancing and downing the cocktails! No Halloween bash is complete without a spine-chilling theme, and that’s why we’ve collected this list of the best Halloween entertainment ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Halloween DJ

Halloween DJMusic is the backbone to all types of events and parties and Halloween is no exception. At Accelerate we represent some of the finest event DJ’s. Our DJ’s are talented at reading crowds and playing music that complements the atmosphere. The reason for this, we always ensure our clients hear the music they want, we advocate that music is discussed in advance, this means there will be no unfortunate surprises and allows you to enjoy your Halloween event knowing the music will be exactly how you want it. So for your Halloween event get in contact and book one of our experienced DJ’s

Haunted House Party

Halloween Entertainment - Haunted House PartyThe classic haunted house never goes out of fashion when you’re looking for exciting Halloween entertainment. Any venue can be pimped up with cobwebs, candlesticks and skeletons in the closet to give it that traditional haunted house feel, and entertainment can be themed around all the favourite Halloween spooks. Think vampire dance troupes and zombie brides dishing out the drinks and you’re beginning to get the idea! The haunted house theme is fun because you can go all out with the decorations and allow your guests to go as OTT as Heidi Klum with their costumes. Accelerate can provide Halloween entertainment like dancers and DJs to give your party a real kick.

Masquerade Ball

Halloween Entertainment - Masquerade BallBut maybe you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated than the raucous fun of a haunted house. If that’s the case, then the masquerade ball is definitely for you! Classy and elegant, a masquerade ball has all the fun of childhood fancy dress, with an adult twist. Halloween entertainment certainly doesn’t have to be all about spooks and ghouls: with a masquerade ball, enigma and intrigue take centre stage. If you’re looking at conjuring up your own masquerade ball then why not talk to Accelerate about putting together a bespoke, themed team to cater to all your Halloween needs.

Murder Mystery

Halloween Entertainment - Murder MysteryIf a masquerade ball is still too lively for you, then perhaps you’d appreciate the low key charm of a murder mystery party. A murder mystery party is guaranteed to provide memorable Halloween entertainment for everyone involved! Hire actors to take on the roles of a victim and an assortment of suspects. Then cast all your guests as Sherlock Holmes, asking them to figure out who was responsible for the crime. Don’t worry about finding the mystery itself – scripts and character profiles can all be downloaded online. You just need to get the actors in and watch as your guests ponder the puzzle thrown before them. Of course, a murder mystery party can be livened up even more with DJ entertainment, and even mix and mingle performers who interact with the crowd.

Dead Celebrities

Halloween Entertainment - Dead CelebritiesOur final idea for Halloween entertainment is a big trend at the moment: dead celebrities. Perhaps a little bit morbid, but if Halloween entertainment isn’t an opportunity to embrace this kind of dark yet glamorous theme then we don’t know what is! The idea is simple, guests dress up as their favourite dead celebrities (Elvis and Michael Jackson ever popular choices), and you concentrate on getting your venue looking as glam as possible. This sort of party is perfect for flooding the dance floor and getting everybody moving, so a DJ or some live music is an absolute must. Accelerate can provide any sort of music that you desire for your Halloween entertainment!

Halloween is a great opportunity for fun, relaxed events, whether corporate functions or private parties. Here at accelerate we have the experience and the personnel deliver the Halloween solutions that will help your event go off with a real pop!

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