Gatsby Themed Party

Gatsby Themed Party – A Roaring Event!

Gatsby Themed PartyOrganising a successful party can be extremely stressful. It’s very difficult to come up with something different that will keep the guests entertained and having the best time. When thinking of organising a party, why not make it a themed party. By having a themed party, everyone can get involved from the hosts to each and every guest. The party will definitely have a fantastic atmosphere if all the guests take part.

Why not have a Gatsby themed party? These parties are just fabulous and as they will be full of class and glamour. A Gatsby themed party will be made up of everything 1920s! The ladies can dress in the most beautiful 1920s style dresses accessorised by jewels and feathers and the men can be dressed up as gangsters, all slick in their black and white suits. It’s always great fun and a talking point when you host a themed party.

Accelerate have had experience in organising a Gatsby themed party which was a huge success. This party was organised for a joint 18th and 50th Birthday party. Accelerate created the most magnificent ambience with spectacular, dancers, music and venue. The party took place in a marquee which was decorated in a 1920’s fashion.  There was a red carpet entrance to add that extra glamour with monochrome pictures to complete the effect. Once guests had walked down the red carpet, they entered a space full of feathers, lights, music and a bespoke bar.  At this Gatsby themed party Accelerate had provided a live band and singers who entertained the guests with music from this era.  Accelerate also brought other forms of entertainment to the Gatsby themed party by the way of gorgeous ladies dancing in oversized martini glasses. This keeps in with the theme of the roaring 20s.

When planning a Gatsby themed party, there is a lot to think about in order to keep the party theme authentic. There was even a 1920s car parked at the party! It’s this attention to detail that can make or break a themed party. The staging and lighting was very important to create the right atmosphere and this is why you should use a company such as Accelerate to assist you with your every need. They can guide you through every requirement from what music to play down to what type of food should be served. Accelerate are your complete one stop party shop!

To keep a Gatsby themed party as authentic as possible, it should consist of 1920s music, drinks such as champagne and martinis, and simple food. You could have some associated props to make the party go with a bang!

So next time you’re thinking of organising a party, and you feel like you have spent hours trying to come up with something completely different, why not contact Accelerate and let them guide you in how to have the best party, be it for a private party such as a wedding, engagement, birthday or any celebration or even if it is for a corporate party. A Gatsby themed party is a sure way to entertain your guests and it will be one of those parties that everyone leaves wanting more!

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