Cycle India 2012

Cycle India 2012 with Kwame Knight

Cycle India 2012Creative Director & Choreographer Kwame Knight will be taking part in Cycle India 2012 this September for the Virgin Atlantic affiliated charity Free The Children

The Cycle India 2012 ride will be approximately 50km to 90km a day, the equivalent of riding from London to Brighton for 4 days. The ride will be going through Rajasthan. One of the most captivating states in India. With temperatures around 30C / 86F following the monsoon season. This will be no ride in the park.

Once in India all the participants purchases bikes for the journey, Now note, the bikes have no gears, there
are no fancy state of the art bikes on this trip.

Cycle India 2012

The reason being is, once the ride is complete and they reach their destination, all the bikes will then be donated to the village. This simplicity of the bikes means the locals can locate spare parts and repair them easily.

Please support Kwame on this incredible journey for a very good cause.

All the money raised goes to Free The Children

Thank you.

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