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Bar Mitzvah – DJ Knight

DJ Knight – International Bar Mitzvah DJ & MC

Bar Mitzvah DJ Services

For over 15 years Accelerate have provided experienced, seasoned and professional Bar Mitzvah DJ services and have kept dance floors packed alongside electrified atmospheres. We cover London, Manchester and the whole of the United Kingdom with our Bar Mitzvah DJ servive and know how to create a memorable Bar Mitzvah event.

Our talented rosta of DJ’s understand all the elements required to truly make an amazing Bar Mitzvah party. Music is the backbone of every event and a Bar Mitzvah is no different.

Bar Mitzvah DJ Playlist

Our Bar Mitzvah DJ will work to create a playlist that will suit you and your guests. They work closely with you to ensure they play all the types of music you like, from current to classic tracks, as well as traditional hora medley’s such as Hava Nagila, Masmiach & Sallam.
Our DJ’s have the musical knowledge and will create the perfect musical backdrop for your Bar Mitzvah celebration.

DJ Meeting

Prior to your Bar Mitzvah we advocate that you meet with your DJ and/or Bar Mitzvah planner to discuss all your requirements for the night, the timetable and the general running order of your event. It is essential to meet your DJ to go over the details so that you can be confident that your Bar Mitzvah runs smoothly.

DJ Attire

All our DJ’s are dressed immaculately as standard. If you are having a themed Bar Mitzvah, our DJ’s are more than happy to dress up according to the theme; you just let us know.

DJ Questions

Any questions you may have, even if you think they are silly, never hesitate to ask your DJ; what may seem simple to someone may not be to you. So never be afraid. Book our Bar Mitzvah DJ service to make sure that you have the greatest Bar Mitzvah possible.

If you are interested in our Bar Mitzvah dj service please fill out our quick contact form or email us on or call us on +44(0)20 3130 4040 or +44(0)7956 104 086.

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