Experiential Events – Bringing Brands to Life

When it comes to planning and producing experiential events, Accelerate Productions are the creative production company to call upon. Experiential events are an excellent way to bring your brand or product to life.  This is an extremely effective way of advertising as experiential events can bring the customer to you and make the prospective consumer feel part of the experiential experience.

Experiential Events - Carte Noire

Accelerate Productions have organised many successful experiential events, including one that our very own Kwame Knight choreographed for leading coffee brand, Carte Noire.  This award winning experiential event took place over a 6 week tour around Britain at different venues up and down the country, including shopping centres and also at Masterchef Live.  The concept of this experiential event was devised by Arc and choreographer Kwame Knight produced a fantastic show which saw silent performers entertaining consumers from an intimate stage area, whilst a ‘me-time’ atmosphere was created for the consumer by using headphones playing the soundtrack of the performance and cutting out all background noise.  This was an incredibly successful way of bringing the brand of Carte Noire to life and making people feel involved and special.  Therefore this is great advertising.

Experiential Events - Masterchef Live

Experiential events take your product to the people and let them experience it for themselves.  This is why experiential events are a fantastic way of bringing your brand to life.  If you get your experiential event right, then your consumers will be very impressed and will enjoy the whole experience of being engaged in such a way.

It is easier for customers to understand a product if they can actually see it, so obviously if they can experience the brand or product in any way via an experiential event, then this can only lead to success for your brand.

We can always deliver when it comes to experiential events and they will be sure to create experiential events that will have the consumers engaged and encouraged to change to your brand.

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