Creative Direction Service

Accelerate Production are the creative production company to employ when you need some expert creative direction and consultation. We have many years’ experience and can bring any event to life with our bespoke creative services.

Creative direction may be needed for a music video, fashion show, television commercial, product launch or for many other types of projects.

Creative Direction

Accelerate Productions provide creative direction for all types of events including viral advertisements and films.

Fashion shows can really benefit from having a company such as Accelerate Productions on board for their creative requirements.  We are able to creatively consult on all elements of a project. This will ensure the success of your event.

Accelerate Productions have been requested for their creative production services on many, many occasions and never fail to deliver.  We have at our disposal, the excellent creative director Kwame Knight, having many years’ experience in creating fantastic shows and events. Kwame is well known and respected in the industry and is widely regarded as one of the best in his field – his reputation in this field precedes him.

Kwame Knight has delivered on many creative briefs in the past and his creative skills always leave the client more than satisfied with the outcome of their particular project that they needed creative direction for.  Accelerate Productions have provided Kwame Knight to creatively direct many events including commercials, music videos, high end fashion shows and product launches.

Accelerate Productions have worked with many leading brands over the years including Emporio Armani, Paul Costelloe, Reebok, Barclaycard, HSBC, Mazda, Virgin, Sony Music and many more. When employing a company for their creative direction services, you need to be booking a creative direction company such as Accelerate Productions, as their vast knowledge is key to a successful creative brief being accomplished.

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