Winner Flash mob


Winner Flash Mob Brief

“As a newcomer to the London Affiliate Conference CAC, wanted to do something that would really draw attention” commented Ofri Noier, Marketing Manager at Winner. “By bursting onto the conference floor with 60 dancers to an upbeat soundtrack. We need an experienced choreographer who could convey my vision.”


Flash mobs, featuring a sudden performance in a public space have become popular the world-over, driven by the high number of views such spectacles attract on video sharing portals such as YouTube.

International creative director and choreographer Kwame Knight was commissioned for the Flash Mob project. He had the task of choreographing the 60 dancers to perform the 10 minute flash mob dance at the convention in London.

He chose the soundtrack and devised the routine to build up starting with two, then four, then six dancers which then grew into all 60 dancers performing the routine. The routine was successfully pulled off to the astonishment of onlookers. Kwame once again  showcases his talent at being able to handle and manage large scale productions and deliver incredible results.