Russian Standard Vodka


Russian Standard Vodka Brief

To provide dancers for the live activation launch of Russian Standard Vodka in the United Kingdom.


Russian Standard VodkaCreative director Kwame Knight was commissioned to choreograph a Cossack inspired routine that could be performed at various parties, clubs & events for the nation wide campaign. The dancers performed, while the promotional team provide information and samples of the brand.

The “Meet the Russian Standard” campaign rolled out as 40 experiential sampling events, featuring a branded vehicle, cossack dancers, in-bar hypertag bluetooth messaging and the chance to win an iPod Touch in each bar.

Russian Standard was initially launched into the UK in 2007. The brand is targeted at 18-34 year old `discerning achievers’. With its authentic Russian heritage, and premium, modern image, Russian Standard Vodka positions itself as a credible challenger brand to Smirnoff in the UK.