Reebok Brief

To choreograph & direct a high profile fashion show to showcase the new Easy Tone & Zigtech products being launched by Reebok. The audience was the world’s press and VIP delegates. The show was to be performed only once, so the pressure was on to get it right first time round.

Reebok Implementation

International Creative Director and Choreographer Kwame Knight was commissioned to choreograph and direct the show, featuring Reebok brand ambassadors Kelly Brook & Amir Khan.

Kwame devised a fashion couture catwalk meets sports dance fashion show for Reebok, incorporating a street dance element to give the show a high energy visual. Kwame was responsible for choreographing the models & dancers.

There was a mix of straight catwalk, highly stylized sequences & dance choreography. He was also responsible for liaising with the lighting designer to acquire the desired visual to enhance the products on display, while considering the performance aspect, as well as ensuring the Reebok ambassadors Amir Khan & Kelly Brook were comfortable on the catwalk.

The music was chosen, selected & edited by and was used to choreograph the two celebrities into the show. The show included 10 models & dancers.

Kwame once again demonstrated his versatility at creating a high profile but subtle & exciting performance, showcasing the products while maintaining a unique, stylistic & entertaining show. The show was also featured in The Daily Mail.