Emporio Armani Commercial


Emporio Armani Commercial Brief

Emporio Armani wanted to shoot a commercial for the He/She fragrance range. The director’s vision was that the two characters could feel each other through the sense of smell, heightened by the fact that they could not see one another. The director needed a choreographer who could choreograph & direct the models movement sequence.

Emporio Armani Commercial Implementation

International creative director and choreographer Kwame Knight was commisioned to Emporio Armani to direct & choreograph the models movement to use their bodies to illustrate this visually.

A number of rehearsal workshops were held with the models to get them moving in a sensual manner whilst all the while being spacially aware of one another. Kwame drew on his experience as a trained contemporary dancer to teach the models the art of movement with intention.

The result is movement being the catalyst for the Emporio Armani commercial. As a movement director Kwame has been called to work with actors, actresses & models that are not familiar with moving their bodies in such a manner and once again this illustrates in this project the ability to grasp the director’s brief and execute it to the fullest.