Centrum Brief

London entertainment agency Accelerate Productions was commissioned by Annex to produce and choreograph the dance movements for the new Centrum commercial for television. Accelerate commisioned their most experienced commercial choreographer Kwame Knight to direct the commercial.


Creative Director Kwame Knight was commissioned to choreograph and direct the movements of the participants for the movement based commercial. Kwame Knight has choreographed numerous commercials around the world, his experience is extensive, spanning over 17 years  in dance and movement making him the most experienced professional in his field – an ideal candidate when the client brief demands nothing less that perfection.

Once the dance movement was performed and filmed, the commercial then under went CGI to result in what you see in the video below.

The Commercial first aired on television in January 2014. During and after the campaign, Centrum saw a 250% increase in sales of their multi-vitimin range across the UK.