Barclaycard Commercials


Barclaycard Commercials Brief

Barclaycard had a requirement to make a set of viral commercials to play on the big screens at The O2 Arena. The Barclaycard Commercials all follow the same format of a featured artist crowd surfing whilst revealing them taking the new bank cards from their pocket.

Each crowd-surfer should be an artist and have a core group of people specially hired to hold the artist (crowd surfer) aloft above their heads.

We required around 70 people as extras to make up the crowd for the Barclaycard Commercials – these were to be a mixture of gender and ethnicities but be between the ages of 18 to mid 30s, they must be a young, lively audience/crowd – ‘real’ people and of a typical type to be at an arena.

Barclaycard Commercials Implementation

We commisioned creative director and choreographer Kwame Knight for the Barclaycard Commercials. Kwame was to choreograph and provide movement direction coaching for the featured models and provide the key holders and the 70 extras for the videos.

This was a large scale production, requiring the skillful application of choreography, movement direction and project planning to bring everything together in the desired fashion. Kwame worked on and managed all aspects of the Barclaycard Commercials and ensured the client brief was not only fulfilled but exceeded.

A team of professional dancers were carefully hand-picked and assembled to lift and carry other peoples’ weight. This was crucial as they would be responsible for carrying the models and gliding them over the crowds to illustrate the crowd surfing motion. Most importantly, we also had to ensure the safety of the models throughout all of the Barclaycard Commercials.

Individual one-to-one rehearsals with each model and the key holders ensured they were comfortable and had a natural motion without it looking choreographed or staged. This was an extremely important element, as the crowd had to be young, funky, fun & full of energy to pull off the task.

The end result was delivering the desired vision the creative advertisement agency & creative director had for the Barclaycard Commercials.