Audi A6 Launch


Audi A6 Launch Brief

Audi A6 Launch

For the launch of the new Audi A6, Audi required a performance that would entertain their delegates during the event, bearing in mind most of the guests were of a certain age. The producer decided it would be a good idea to book a popular 90’s artist by the name of Sonqiue.

Sonqiue is the artist behind some of the biggest 90’s dance hits such as “I put a spell on you” “sky” and “it feels so good” she is a Brit award winner with an extensive career in the house and dance music scene.


Accelerate provided all the co-ordination, logistics and the dancers to ensure a successful performance for the launch was executed.
International creative director Kwame Knight choreographed a live show for DJ Sonique featuring two Accelerate dancers. The launch took place in Zagreb, Croatia.