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Award Ceremonies

Award Ceremonies – Accelerate Productions Award Ceremonies are a fantastic time for celebration as this is when people are given the recognition they deserve for fantastic skills, performances and …

Text Santa

Text Santa with Accelerate Accelerate circus performer Aislinn, was booked for ITV’s Text Santa television show. Aislinn is an experienced acrobat & circus performer. With extensive years of experience, …

Cycle India 2012

Cycle India 2012 with Kwame Knight Creative Director & Choreographer Kwame Knight will be taking part in Cycle India 2012 this September for the Virgin Atlantic affiliated charity Free …

Accelerate with Virgin Atlantic

Accelerate with Virgin Atlantic – Rock the Kasbah Accelerate’s Anuli poses with Hollywood celebrities Paris Hilton & Stan Lee For Eve & Richard Branson’s “Rock the Kasbah” charity event held in …